Greetings from Hopewell Springs, the home of author, illustrator, teacher, dog guy, and cat guy, 
Michael J. Rosen.

Thanks so much for sharing in these book adventures. New titles: The Forever Flowers,  new picture book that PW says “should hold particular magic for sensitive readers who perceive in a falling leaf more than simply the arrival of autumn.” Then a book on urban exploration: Place Hacking: That’s encountering the built environment in new and, not coincidentally, illegal ways. Please enjoy responsibly <smile>.

And, a new picture book for young and grown-up cat people: The Maine Coon’s Haiku

and Other Poems for Cat Lovers. “The perfect paean to pusscats,” about which the starred SLJ review says, “The brevity and poignancy of the haiku format perfectly capture the feline essence in this book of verse. Click on the book cover below and join me in donating $10,000 to cat welfare letting me DRAW YOUR FAVORITE FELINE (yes, send me a picture!) inside a book. Details after the jump.